Don’t just do something, sit there.

At the end of our first week of imposed lock-down, the second week of more or less following these guidelines, we’re all feeling a bit unsettled. Not unhappy. But not happy either. It’s hard to put a finger on it. Why does life seem so qualitatively different? I had an ah-ha moment when a neighborContinue reading “Don’t just do something, sit there.”

Living the Pandemic in London

April 30th 1665–Great fears of the Sickenesses here in the City, it being said that two or three houses are already shut up. God preserve us all. –Samuel Pepys diary. “The face of London was—now indeed strangely altered: I mean the whole mass of buildings, city, liberties, suburbs, Westminster, Southwark, and altogether; for as toContinue reading “Living the Pandemic in London”

Continental Adventures Pt. III: Nantes

Oh, what a difference ten days can make. Last weekend we were having a fun visit with our old friend Yann, his wife Clare and their two children, Victore (age 6) and Honore (age 2 1/2). And now they are trying to figure out life in corona lock-down. A huge thank you to them forContinue reading “Continental Adventures Pt. III: Nantes”

Continental Adventures Part I: To Andorra!

We just returned from 11 fabulous days exploring parts of Spain, France, and Andorra (where we’d never been).  The full accounting would make for a very long blog post, so we’ll break it up into three over the next few days. We began in Andorra (after a cool rail journey, about which more below).  WhyContinue reading “Continental Adventures Part I: To Andorra!”

Crossing Oceanus Britannicus

We had only 2 1/2 days back in London before another adventure away. Last Thursday we packed up again, and this time headed across the English Channel (Oceanus Brittanicus to Julius Caesar) to France via the Eurostar high speed train. If you’ve never traveled on a train at 200 MPH, it is hard to describeContinue reading “Crossing Oceanus Britannicus”

Old friends in new places

We had our first extended outing from London last weekend, when we took the train to Scotland to see Michael’s friend Daphne from their undergraduate days. Daphne and her family settled in a remote corner of southwest Scotland (called The Machars) some 15 years ago, closer as the crow flies to Belfast than Glasgow (isolatedContinue reading “Old friends in new places”

A Front Row Seat for Brexit

Yesterday after my class visited the Royal Observatory in Greenwich (including the museum inside this time, which is a fascinating exploration of the invention of modern time) and the Thames Tidal Barrier (more on this soon), we went to Westminster, hoping to see the march to and rally at the E.U. Commission London HQ byContinue reading “A Front Row Seat for Brexit”

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